Three Years of Trinity

As we approach the three year anniversary of Trinity Adult and Pediatric Orthopedic Specialists, we thought you might be interested to know about how we got our name. 

Three years ago three doctors dreamed of a medical practice where we could care for patients with compassion, integrity and the best of our professional abilities. We (Drs. Duey, Nilsson and Ritchie) were already good friends. We had worked together. Our wives and kids were friends. We frequently met for family gatherings, dinners together and to pray. When we saw the opportunity to establish an orthopedic practice together, we knew God was leading us to something special. While brainstorming for a name, Trinity was suggested.

The symbolism of the word Trinity quickly became clear: Three doctors worshipping one God in three persons (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). But also sharing a philosophy of healing that believes true healing requires three parts-  a well trained doctor, a cooperative patient and the blessings of a loving and merciful God. Knowing that Religious Liberty is a right guaranteed by the Constitution, we were hopeful that we could establish a work place where doctors, patients and employees could feel comfortable talking about their faith and encouraging each other in excellence and goodness.  

Starting any new business is loaded with challenges and corrections. But we are amazed at how the Lord has directed, protected and provided for Trinity. We have a fantastic team, many wonderful patients, and more blessings then we can count. Three is a significant number in the Bible. We are amazed by the many ways we see significance in this number at Trinity Orthopedics too.

Trinity Orthopedic Specialists